Summer 2022
A View from the Edge of a Pasture - Symposium on (Urban) Pastoralism

A View from the Edge of a Pasture - Symposium on (Urban) Pastoralism Can we learn something from our pastoral history? When we think of the pastoral, poetry, love, and religion come to mind. The pastoral is based on the duality of Culture and Nature, and its fundamental motif is hostility towards urban life. What would pastoralism be without this dichotomy? We are interested in the pastoral in connection with land, animals and politics, but of course, it should also include poetry and love, as well as an approach of interspecies care. What are the topics within the theme of pastoralism? Nomadism, borders, resistence, commons, migration, rewilding, breeding back, multispecies diversity. The pastoralist organizations today urge governments and policymakers to set measures to assure fair prices for pastoralist products, to stop the loss of grazing land and to designate and protect a network of transhumance trails. We have learned that edges are the most diverse areas, comprising elements from each bordering territory. How do we view the city from the pasture and the pasture from the city? What will happen if we blur the borders between them as shepherds do between the states? Where can we find shepherds and herds these days? Do they have answers to our climate troubles? This 3 day symposium of shared knowledge, pastoral cinema and music will prepare us for collective imagination about our pastoralist future on the grazelands around the city Bratislava (Slovakia) and around our many cities.

Participants: Students from University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department of Site-Specific Art; Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of Fine Arts I (Sculpture); Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Studio of Intermedia; Faculty of Fine Arts Brno, Body Design Studio; invited guests and public.

Hosted organisations:, Bratislava and Kunsthalle Bratislava (Plants in the city)
Program prepared by Edith Jeřábková & WOODS - Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art & Institute of Anxiety


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Image: Edith Jeřábková