Summer 2018
Activate the Shadows


Focus: histories.

Who constructs history?

Who problematizes history politics?

How does one imagine a historical museum to be?

Who is doing research at the fringes?

Who inscribes himself/herself in the urban space?

Which institutions convey history?

Who interprets the facts?

How do you research archives?

How do identities rewrite themselves?

Who speaks for the dead?


We examine theories and artistic positions, discuss with experts and visit institutions to approach the field of history from multiple perspectives.

The course will be held mainly in German, but contributions in English are very welcome.

The aim of the course is to develop a work until the end of the semester. The resulting works will be shown and discussed within the frame of the Round Table at Paulusplatz in autumn 2018.

more info at Base Angewandte


photo: Johanna Tinzl