2015 November 09 / 13:00
Addressing bystanders

Christian Falsnaes

Start: 9.11.2015 | 13:00 - 18:00
Abt. Landschaftskunst

In contrast to the church, the theater and the cinema, the art exhibition provides a format for individualized viewers who decide themselves how they move around, what they spend time on and when they leave. Since modernity, the concept of a reflected viewer with a critical and analytical distance to the presented art works has become an ideal in itself.
A central challenge in exhibition making has therefore become to deal with the decisions of the individualized viewer who might understandably ask: If the art does not talk to me and my presence does not matter, what is the reason for me to be engaged with it?
As a result, participatory approaches has evolved as a possibility to address the viewer directly. In the course “Addressing bystanders” we will deal with the idea of addressing the viewer and how to consider the role of the viewer in the development of new works. The focus will be on participatory strategies.
Art in public space is faced with special challenges in relation to participatory strategies as it's audience has not asked to be addressed. The art audience in public space does not consist of conscious viewers, but rather coincidental bystanders. Therefore art in public space must incorporate sensitive and reflected strategies to address and include it's audience.
The goal of the course is to develop a new work in public space addressing or including the bystanders. It will be a partly theoretical and partly workshop based practical research. Every student must produce a new work during the course.

Image: Christian Falsnaes