2022 June 30 / 13:00
Student Projects/Diplomas
Angewandte Festival 2022 performance

With this series of performances and participatory formats we invite visitors to share knowledge about the city with each other and us, to change and challenge perceptions of space.

What role do we play in urban scenography and how can we create spaces together?

We start at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz and with a dérive walk that leads from the former Postsparkasse to Paulusplatz, where the program continues with performances, interventions and walks. 

Program 30.6.2022, 13:00-21:00

13:00–16:00 Arina Nekljudova & Maryam Shahidifar, from Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz
15:00–20:00 Silja Beck & Silke Riis, Paulusplatz (ongoing)
15:00–20:00 Philippa Jochim, Paulusplatz (ongoing)
16:00 Bertilla Spinas, Viehmarktg./Landstraßer Hauptstr., Paulusplatz
16:30–19:30 Pauline Hosse-Hartmann (also on 1.7. 16:30–19:30)
18:30–19:30 Ida Zahradnik,  Rochusmarkt: Rasumofskyg./Landstraßer Hauptstr. (also on 1.7. 18:30–19:30)


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Philippa Jochim, Image: Georgia Holz

Ida Zharadnik, Image: Georgia Holz

Gala Alica Ostan O┼żbolt, Image: Jorit Aust

Arina Nekliudova & Maryam Schahidifar, Image: Jessica Roes Meilland

Google Map of the individual venues


Fotocredits: Ida Zahradnik, Gedunsene Hohlheit Nr. 2, 2021–, © Martin Wagner