2019 January 22 / 09:00
Student Projects/Diplomas

Historical acknowledgment

In 1887, an English man called John Joseph Hooker invented and patented a mirror whose main feature was to give back a non-reversed image. The mirror is known as Non-reversing Mirror or Positive Mirror.
In the same year and during the following decades, an Austrian man called Sigmund Freud developed a new science called Psychoanalysis and thereby formed the basis for modern Psychology.

Short Description

AYTOS is a collection of totems and entities based on the process of the construction of the Self, the meaning of the modern Self and the implication towards the recognition of the construc- tion of ones identity. AYTOS is proposing an experience, which is based on the inner process of my personal research and development.

About Site-specificity

This work is related to the space, in which is going to be displayed in the circumstantiality of a specific moment. It is not possible to repeat it under the same conditions. This is for me one of the main features of a site-specific work. Its value and originality are unrepeatable, impossible to be reproduced under the same circumstances. The site-specificity is bound with the synchronicity of a certain time in a peculiar place. This is the focus and main approach of my artistic practice.


ig: @thespacearound.me


Images: Francesca Aldegani