2022 January 18 / 10:00
Student Projects/Diplomas
Circle As Space

"Circle as Space" is an installation made of circular forms, dealing with the perception of the human body in space through the fluid relation between its individual fragments. From the very beginning – even as a fetus in a womb – until the end of our life, we claim space through our growth and existence. According to the circumstances, we expand or contract the physical and the mental space we claim in a room. 
Each unit of the installation is made of suspended loops and hangs loosely in space. In the repetition and extension of the basic form of a circle, these units are understood as a shapeshifting whole that holds an indeterminate space. They seem to swing from presence to absence. Hence, these figures emphasize being and not being.Although each unit stands for an individual persona, it resolves itself in the mass and builds a united body of work.






Images: Sara Ghalandari, Heribert Friedl, Jorit Aust