Winter 2017/18
Digitales Arbeiten #1 + #2

If this course was a Digital Arts Programme, #1 would be the Bachelor, #2 the Master, but since it is just a course within the curriculum of Ortsbezogene Kunst, the first hashtag covers the basics, the second explores the deeper layers of how to computer. Kind of: Pflicht vs. Kür.

The Beginner’s guide conveys audio/video/computer competencies through practical training, ideally involving analog-digital conversion processes. The vertices of this semester will be Memes, Masks and Muybridge.

The advanced part encourages and supports individual projects and focuses more on special skills, especially around compositing and editing sounds and images. Additionally we are looking at different gadgets, DIY stuff and prototypes, from Pixelsticks to 3D-Printing to Lego-Robots.


Photo: Philipp Haupt