Winter 2017/18
Ă–ffentliche Orte der Kunst

Public Sites of Art

The seminar discusses interventions, works, monuments, Percent-for-art programs and public exhibition situations in Vienna. Typologies of passage to central squares of monuments as well as their implicit requirements but also the concrete everyday life beyond protected art spaces will be analysed.

The city tours include discussions with institutional representatives of art in public space, curators of site-specific projects or area supervisor of a district, allocating vacant shops.

They all work with the idea of alternative design for urban spaces beyond consumption or pure function. What is site specific about these projects? How are categories such as participation, intervention or installation addressed? Do they develop (accidental) perceptions or potential? What do institutions like KÖR or BIG do? What objectives, what ideas are they encouraging beyond decoration? 

Available options are works by Valie Export, Franz West, Lois Weinberger, Ulrike Lienbacher, Christian Jankowski, Michael Sailstorfer, Aldo Gianotti, Olafur Eliasson, Ronald Kodritsch, Rachel Whiteread, Alfred Hrdlicka, Maria Anwander, Olaf Nicolai, Iris Andraschek / Hubert Lobnig / Maria Aubock / János Kárász, Peter Kogler, Heimo Zobernig, Hannah Stippl, Gerold Tagwerker, Franz Graf or individual proposals. 

Languages: English and / or German

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