Summer 2021
Künstlerische Praxis: digitale Formate ½

Video documentary, documentary video, video document

In this semester I would like to address possibilities and variants of documentation. The participating students choose an existing work and develop a cinematic/filmic approach within the seminar. This can be documentary in the classic sense or a version for the camera, for the Internet, cinema or other rooms or standig for itself. Where can we find relations between the various artistic practices, languages ​​and formats? Which elements and methods can be transferred to the other medium or made collide with it? And what is (also) documented in the course of these processes?

While developping the project, media-specific basics about data compression, file formats and recording media are taught as well as working with the institute's equipment. A professional cameraperson is invited to support us once for the film records or their preparation. There will also be introductions to audio and video editing programs if required.

This project comprises the courses Artistic Practice: Digital Formats 1 and 2. In the introductory part we develop the basics, in the second part the projects are realized. Please register for both!

Assessments: active participation, experimental exercises, group and individual discussions, realization of an artistic project

If it is necessary to switch to distance lerning again, the classes will be taught via ZOOM or jitsi.

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Mehr Info auf der Base Angewandte


Image: Still aus "von links nach rechts, von oben nach unten", Flora Watzal