Winter 2021/22
Mother Tongue

Where are you from? Many of us have to deal with this question more than once in their lives. Some of us are haunted by it. In this course we want to rephrase it, modify it and extend it to the following questions: Which language do you speak? And why do you speak the language you speak? Where are the words from? From where and who spoke them first? What is the biography of your language? 

During this semester we will explore the history, the past, the origin of your language. The goal of this course will be to create a biography of your language or mother tongue. This „biography" can be a longer piece of writing, for example an essay or a series of poems, but it can also be a work of art combined with text. 

In October, we will meet and discuss the following themes: language - mother tongue - first language - lingua franca - identity - origin/roots - homeland. I will provide short texts to get the discussions going, but you are also welcome to bring texts you would like to discuss with the group. In November and December there will be time for you to work on a project of your own choosing, and in January, there will be an opportunity to present your work. 

One practical remark: All languages are welcome! The lingua franca will most likely be English, but in your own projects you may use the language you feel most comfortable in.