2019 June 03 / 19:00
Excursions/Field Trips/Sidesteps
Odeon Theater

someone or break something? In her latest work, Fúria, Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues examines with nine dancers how a community can assume agency and build its own world. For Rodrigues – who was born in 1956 and runs a school for contemporary dance in Maré, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro – dance is always a social necessity. Her unshakeable belief in the power of art is what drives her work. Fúria means agitation or rage, which evokes associations with the new Brazilian president and his fascist statements glorifying violence, as well as with the citizens’ powerless anger. What could a group create from such emotions? In the form of an exhausted march, this powerful, fascinating performance takes a hopeful look at what people can stand up for when they join forces.


Image: Heribert Friedl