2015 October 23 / 11:00 - 2015 October 23 / 14:00
Space is the Place

Der Weltraum als reale und spekulative Landschaft
Ralo Mayer

Fr. 23.10., 11h-14h, Abt. Landschaftskunst 
Fr. 30.10., 14:30 - 18:30 TREFFPUNKT Naturhistorisches Museum
Fr. 20.11., 14h-18h, Abt. Landschaftskunst
Fr. 11.12., 14h-18h, Abt. Landschaftskunst
(more dates to follow) 

The course will explore space (as in "outer") in relation to the exploration of its physcial reality, its impact on the public's imagination in popular culture and visual art, as well as rather earthly political, social and economic implications. As space in this respect is all but an empty vacuum, our discussions will involve scientific probes, Science Fiction narratives, the historical Space Race of the Cold War as well as today's private spaceflight developments. There will be excursions to several space-related places and institutions in Vienna, like the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs in Donaustadt.

Foto: NASA