2017 June 20
Student Projects/Diplomas
Raum und Verhalten

How do you behave here?

From 5th to 28th June, the exhibition space at Paulusplatz 5 will be used for its designated purpose and beyond, day and night: it will serve as an exhibition space, workspace, social space, lecture room and living space.

In the context of her work in art, Hanna Burkart (born 1989 in Vienna) has long been involved in the constructive forms of action and inaction, the relationship between space and behaviour, walking, sleeping and living. In her performances, she takes a step back from accepted certainties and practices, exercises abstinence and concentration, and explores the spatial and social aspects of walking, sleeping and living.

The four-week composition How do you behave here? which explores the topic Space and Behaviour is the thesis of her degree course, Site-Specific Art, and marks the conclusion of an eight-year phase in Burkart's life in which she has completed two parallel degrees at the University of Applied Arts. This time, the role of the university as a place and social space, the forms of communication and the behavioral patterns of the people working there are considered retrospectively and rearranged at the exhibition venue.

The use of the objects in the space and her drawn-out sojourn there liberate the space from its designated purpose. In the occupant's absence, the objects alone accomplish what one expects of an exhibition.

Hanna Burkart will live and work at Paulusplatz. Visitors will be received: family, friends, companions, colleagues and lecturers – the day of the diploma ceremony will be another episode in the series as friends, colleagues and jury will also be received as guests.

Over the entire period, the behaviour of the visitors will be observed and analysed in relation to the space in various configurations. The questions of why work and other tasks in life are usually considered separately, whether these divisions are automatically assumed, and whether new designations can emerge through conscious actions will be collectively examined.

Foto: Hanna Burkart