2016 October 06
Speculative Storytelling

Within the course, we will discuss ways of artistic storytelling between fact and fiction - in and across various languages and media, with a focus on film and video essays.
As an introduction and primer to speculations past and present, participants are kindly asked to attend the Round Table „Propulsion: On Changing Futures“ at the Dept. of Site-Specific Art (Oct. 20th-22nd).

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Dates (all at Expositur Paulusplatz 5, 1030 Wien)

20. / 21. / 22.10 2016: Workshop, Screenings and Lectures at the Round Table / Dept. of Site-Specific Art - see detailed program here

9. 11. 2016 16:00-18:00, afterwards screening
30.11.2016 16:00-18:00, afterwards screening
7.12..2016 16:00-18:00, afterwards screening

Additional dates in December / January will be dedicated to discuss students' projects.

Image: Ralo Mayer