Winter 2017/18
Studio Frankenstein

Unsound ecologies, performative assemblages:

We will discuss current theories & positions on the relation of nature and technology, of ecologies beyond biological systems and post-humanism. Employing methods of performative research and auditive settings, the course will play and enact a sound studio environment to trigger, record and process Frankenstein’s monsters as radio pieces. 

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is perhaps the first modern myth and continues to be an important point of reference for contemporary concepts of ecology beyond the nature/culture divide, from Donna Haraway to Timothy Morton. Within the course, we will build our own makeshift recording studio as performative laboratory: audio-recorders, microphones, or sound absorbers are both technical devices and stage props. Either way, they will catalyze our studio through presentations, interviews, field-recordings and all the unavoidable hiss and crackle in between. 

The aim of the course is to create an experimental radio-piece which might or might not come a-live on the Ö1-Kunstradio at the end of the semester.
There will be excursions and a Handapparat.

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Image: Frankenstein, 1910 film by Edison, Public Domain