POSTPONED to summer semester 2022
Sunbathing on Deforested Land

A forest is not just a place with many trees. The concrete surfaces of cities and exposed soil after timber and coal extraction are huge heaters which dry out and warm up the planet.

The concrete Earth, robotic green houses, lab meat and cloned species in privately owned areas of "wild" reserves… Let's talk from our subjective perspective about how we say goodbye to our industrial origin and what kind of kin we want to affiliate with, what species and technology are our symbionts. The world of old growth forests was one huge entangled organism and although we have been disassembling it for hundreds of years, it is nonetheless still a working structure – mycorrhizal fungi mediate the interaction between plants and the soil. Plants are producers for animal consumers who bring nutrients back to the soil thanks to decomposing creatures living in it. Continual transformation. But what does the industrial system decompose in? Will there be romantic industrial reserves as an alternative to green tourism?  Rossi Braidotti, among other thinkers in the theory of necropolitics, warns us that life is becoming a product. It will be produced for us and we will consume it. Can we as humanity oppose it or is it already too late?

Let's sunbathe together on a coal mining heap or a parking lot and let experts tell stories about the world that once was a forest and what happened next, and continue this story now ourselves… From May 24–27 we will listen together to lectures, walk through the coal industry city of Ostrava (Czech Republic) and perform a film on a piece of naked land, covering it with our bodies. Students from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague and the University of Ostrava will join us. Our host institution is PLATO and our film will be part of its exhibition program 2021 Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack, second scene Time of Mourning.

If distance learning is obligatory, we will hold the lectures via Zoom and will create a large-scale collage or film animation from the individual contributions. We will collect libraries together as a source for our output.

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Title: Sunbathing
Photographer: Johana Pošová, Institut úzkosti