Winter 2018/19

As a writer I'm interested in the translation of images into language, either in simple or complex descriptions, metaphors or new word creations. As artists, you often have to deal with the reverse problem: You have to find words for the images or ways how to integrate text into the artistic piece you're working on.

The course is designed to help you:
- find out more about the relationship between words and images
- identify the function of language in a work of art
- connect text and images
- finally, we will also explore how to talk or write about your art projects and art in general.

Ideally, we will explore all these questions in a project you're already working on or are planning to work on this semester. Therefore, the course is flexible regarding its content.

Please tell me what it is specifically, you're interested in, when you register for this course!

We will meet on two weekends in October to work on your projects as well as explore the relationship between text and images in small workshops. The aim of the course is to help you develop an understanding for the use of language in art.

Examination Modalities:
There won't be an exam at the end of the semester, but attendance is compulsory. Your grade will depend on your participation in the workshops.

The course is in German and English.


more info at the Base Angewandte


Image: Anna Kim