2019 June 06 / 19:00
Excursions/Field Trips/Sidesteps
Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

A journey with the Trans-Siberian-Railway

The romantic idea of travelling artists, experiencing unknown and challenging settings during their extensive journeys, is mirrored in a contemporary form by a nomadic art world. Living, working and exhibiting takes place all over the globe. Simultaneously, travelling itself is hardly the moment anymore where artistic production happens due to rather short travelling times. At its best, the atmosphere of airports invites one to answer organizational emails.

In contrast, riding the Trans-Siberian Railway creates a situation that turns the journey itself into the principal goal, considering its spatial and temporal dimensions. While the traveller’s radius of movement is limited to a couple of square meters by the outline of the wagon, the train crosses thousands of kilometers with a variety of geographical landscapes, cultures and political entities. 

For the duration of about two weeks in spring 2019 a group of teachers and students from the departments of Site-Specific Art and Painting & Animation Film at the University of Applied Arts Vienna were investigating this juxtaposition of a very limited and a very expanded mobility in order to create a productive tension. Moving slowly from Beijing to Moscow, they used the train compartments as studio space and engaged in the production of new work, shown in Moscow and Vienna.

A joint project by the Department of Site-Specific Art and the Department of Painting and Animated Film, Institute of Fine Arts & Media Art, University of Applied Arts Vienna



Credits: Ana Likar