Vorträge, Ausstellungs- und Atelierbesuche von und mit internationalen Gästen
Lectures and visits to exhibitions and studios by and with international guests

  • Speaking, filming, translating, cropping, rearranging and tearing (off ) … in the archive.

    Speaking, filming, translating, cropping, rearranging and tearing (off ) … in the archive.

    Artist statement
    Secretariat of Ghosts, Archival Politics and Gaps
    (Nina Hoechtl and Julia Wieger, SKGAL)

    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien

    2023 June 7 / 15:00

    SKGAL richten in ihren künstlerischen Arbeiten die Aufmerksamkeit auf Orte, Dokumente und Gegenstände, die von den großen Erzählungen der Geschichtsschreibung wenig beachtet werden. Dazu recherchieren sie in unterschiedlichen Archiven: dem Archiv der Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen* Österreichs, dem Bildarchiv der Arbeiter-Zeitung und im STICHWORT – dem Archiv der Frauen- & Lesbenbewegung.

    In their artistic works, SKGAL focus on places, documents, and objects that have received little attention from the grand narratives of historiography. Their research has examined different archives including: the archive of the Austrian Association of Women* Artists (VBKÖ), the image archive of the Arbeiter-Zeitung, and STICHWORT – the Archives of the Women’s & Lesbian’s Movement.

  • Mai Ling Speaks

    Mai Ling Speaks

    Lecture by Mai Ling
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien

    2023 March 9 / 14:00

    The artist collective and association Mai Ling is a platform to share experiences, struggles, and practices of anti-racism, sexism, and homophobia especially against Asian FLINT*. “Mai Ling,” a fictional figure scripted by a German comedian in 1979, embodies a submissive hybrid stereotype of an Asian woman. Mai Ling re-narrates and reclaims “Mai Ling” with collective voices and multi-layered identities.

  • Curating in Context

    Curating in Context

    Lecture by BAU
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien

    2023 March 16 / 14:00

    BAU is an institute for contemporary arts and ecology. Since its foundation in 2015 it has commissioned and curated numerous projects in Südtirol – Alto Adige that respond to questions of the present, conceiving of nature and culture together and regarding the human with its environment as part of an ecological cycle.

  • Curating before, during (and after) war: Ukrainian case.

    Curating before, during (and after) war: Ukrainian case.

    Lecture by Lizaveta German
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien

    2022 October 20 / 14:00

    Curating today can be many things, as proved by a good deal of literature on the subject.

    In her professional practice, Kyiv-based, temporary Vienna-relocated Lizaveta German has tested many of those “manies”. Curating is an adventure, Lizaveta believes. Especially if you dare to choose a free-lancer’s path in Ukraine. In her statement, Lizaveta will speak about her most recent experience of producing new exhibitions, including the Ukrainian pavilion at the 59th International Exhibition–La Biennale di Venezia, and of different ways to support Ukrainian artists in times of war. Curating comes from latin curare, which means to care. It seems like a good time to restore the true meaning of this word.




    Lecture by Klaus Schafler
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien

    2022 October 13 / 14:00
    Lange Momente, scheinbar beiläufig Entdecktes und Situationen zwischen Fakten und Fiktionen zu Alltag, geopolitischem Geschehen und Kunst sind oft Ausgangspunkt der künstlerischen wie kuratorischen Projekte von Klaus Schafler. Gleichzeitig arbeitet er in wechselnden Rollen, zwischen eigener künstlerischer Praxis, in temporären Kollektiven, und seit September 2022 auch als der Leiter einer Kunstinstitution, der Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Wien.

    Long moments, seemingly incidental discoveries and situations between facts and fictions about everyday life, geopolitical events and art are often the starting point of Klaus Schafler’s artistic as well as curatorial projects. In simultaneity he works in changing roles, between his own artistic practice, in temporary collectives, and since September 2022 also as the director of an art institution, the Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna.


  • action-body


    Lecture by Florentina Holzinger
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien


    Zoom: https://dieangewandte-at.zoom.us/j/66798760810

    2022 April 28 / 14:00

    Florentina Holzinger untersucht und schöpft in ihren Arbeiten aus dem vollen Potenzial von Körperlichkeit. Viele ihrer Arbeiten stellen Abhandlung von Traditionen aus Hoch- und Popkultur und den Motiven und Mustern vergangener Jahrhunderte dar.


  • Margot Pilz. Selbstauslöserin

    Margot Pilz. Selbstauslöserin

    Artist talk with Margot Pilz
    at Kunsthalle Krems
    Museumsplatz 5
    3500 Krems an der Donau

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    the museum click here

    2022 March 17 / 14:45

    Margot Pilz (*1936 in Haarlem (NL), aufgewachsen in Indonesionen, lebt in Wien) gehört zu den Konzept- und MedienkünsterInnen der ersten Stunde.




    Margot Pilz (*1936 in Haarlem (NL), raised in Indonesia, lives in Vienna) belongs to the very first concept and media artists.




    Lecture by Andrea Lüth and Gerald Roßbacher
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien


    You are welcome to join the statement
    via zoom meeting:: click here

    2021 December 16 / 14:00

    In 2015 Andrea Lüth and Gerald Roßbacher founded the artist-run-space KLUCKYLAND in the 20th district Brigittenau in Vienna. The art space has two glass fronts and is therefore maximally directed outwards. Alongside solo- and group-exhibitions, they organize various events in KLUCKYLAND, which form the basis of the social function of the space.



  • ri-mEm-buhr THuh mUHn-ee

    ri-mEm-buhr THuh mUHn-ee

    Lecture by Nora Turato
    Friedrichstraße 12
    1010 Wien


    Access to the Secession building is only
    possible by adhering to the 2G-PLUS
    ruling (vaccinated, recovered from
    infection – plus PCR-tested)

    2021 November 18 / 16:00

    At the very core of Nora Turato’s practice is language. In her work she translates information absorbed from her daily intake of articles, conversations, subtitles and advertising slogans into linguistic-visual scripts for videos, installations, artist books, murals and spoken word performances.




    Lecture by Lisa Rastl and Claudia Rohrauer
    Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
    1030 Wien


    Access to all University buildings for both university members and external persons is only possible by adhering to the 2.5G ruling (vaccinated, recovered from infection, PCR-tested)

    2021 October 28 / 14:00

    Sharing similar biographies in their education both as photographers and artists, Lisa Rastl and Claudia Rohrauer observe aspects of the photographic from within their applied working practice in order to turn them into the motifs of their artistic work. The technical and sociocultural foundations of the medium, but also Rastl and Rohrauers individual and personal working experiences serve as a pool of potential contents and tools to research photography and to photograph research at the same time.