Is it Art?

Our practice is grounded in the different backgrounds and interests of our members – architecture, urbanism, humanities, theatre, and science. Together, we look at public and private spaces. We are interested in the underlying assumptions, social rules, and political decisions shaping these spaces and ask: Who is this space for? Which different everyday lives are taking place here? Are they welcome? Who owns the city? And who could be part of its transformation?

While our projects are always site-specific, they can take different forms: from participative installations in public space to audio walks, to exhibitions. What they have in common is a playful approach to socio-political questions, using different narratives to make new perceptions of the commonly known possible and scrutinize the status quo. In doing so, we sometimes find ourselves in the position of needing to define or label our work and collective practice. Is it activism? Is it participation? Is it art?

In our statement, we want to reflect on labelling site-specific work as „art“. Which implications come with calling something art? Do you think differently about your work if it is called art? When it is exhibited in a gallery? When you hear artists talk about it? Do you create your own definitions of art for your work? Is it important to do so?

So now we’ve been invited to an art school to discuss our work. But is it actually art? In our talk, we will ask you.

Image credits: Kollektiv Raumstation

Lecture by Kollektiv Raumstation
Paulusplatz 5, Seminarraum 2. Stock
1030 Wien

2024 January 18 / 14:00